donderdag 30 september 2010


Today I was reading some of my sister's magazines because I was bored to death. I learned something from those magazines:
If you would omit everything about Justin Bieber, magazines would only have one or two pages!
I don't really care about hysterical JB fans, but sometimes they are going too far.
Example: The cover of one of the magazines I read said: "Justin Bieber must come to The Netherlands!" (translated from Dutch). So I became "interested" and began to read:
Wenn is Justin Bieber coming to The Netherlands?! We are already waiting for years! You want him to come here too, right? (Ehh, no, not really...) Well, we have devised a plan to let him come! It's very easy: Collect as many signatures as possible! Ask your friends and family and maybe even that boy you like! To make things easier we have made a signature list for you. Cut out the list (you can find this on the next page) and start collecting! We love JB!

Okay, this is ri-di-cu-lous xD do you think this will work out? And if so, would Justin Bieber come to The Netherlands?
If God really exists, why has he created Justin Bieber?
If God really exists, why has he created Justin Bieber?

A kid from Germany made a plan to kill Justin Bieber:

Looks like he succeeded! :)

There are also lots of "stop hating justin bieber" vids :P
Here's a funny one:

He says we must stop hating JB, but he also says he hates "metal shit", lol. I believe he's gay...

Comment! (No, I don't like Justin Bieber)

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