dinsdag 21 september 2010

Daily Mormon trolling!

Hello guys.
I like trolling people, especially Mormons!
What are Mormons? Well, Mormons are like Christians, but different :P
Their website is www.mormon.org
On this great website there's a chat. You can chat with Mormons. They know everything about God and the Bible. It's fun to ask things that have nothing to do with faith.

Today's chat was fun, as always! Here it is:

Roger: Hi there...how are you?
Me: hello
Me: i'm fine. thanks for asking
Roger: no problem
Roger: So what brings you to chat?
Me: well. i have a few questions.
Roger: Oh ok...what are your questions?
Me: one of my friends is acting strange these days and I think he is gay. God said being homosexual is bad, right? should I keep him as a friend or should I say goodbye to him? i really don't know what to do. could you help me? will i still go to Heaven if i have him as a friend?
Roger: You can still be his friend...that is just fine.
Roger: You can be a good example to him.
Me: that's a relief. i will be a good example to him :)
Roger: Great...that sounds good.
Me: well. that was all i wanted to know. thanks very much for answering :)

This was only a small example of my chat experiences.

If you guys want to know something from the Mormons, ask me to ask them something ;)
More is coming soon!

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