donderdag 23 september 2010

Daily Mormon trolling! (3)

This is day three of Mormon trolling
Yesterday I ended with:
Me: that brings me to another question: why did 3000 people die on 9/11? did God want that to happen?
Today you can see part 2! Enjoy!

Me: that brings me to another question: why did 3000 people die on 9/11? did God want that to happen?
Victor: It's part of God's plan that everyone has freedom to make their own choices, which includes those choices that will cause suffering for others.
Victor: The freedom to choose, as frightening as the might be in some times, is a huge blessing for us in the long run after this life, because it gives us the ability to learn, and become like our Father in heaven.
Victor: This also gives God the chance to reward the men and women who responded for their bravery, and good response, while condemning those that caused 3,000 people to return to God early.
Me: i see. thanks for answering and about the quran burning (because of 9/11): do you think it would be ok if i would do such things?
Victor: No, I feel that doing that would be terribly disrespectful to the millions of very loving muslims, who had nothing to do with that attack.
Me: i agree :)
Victor: Thanks, there's way too many people out there who see this as too black and white, and entirely miss what that would do to very good people out there.
Victor: I've got to go in about five minutes, but is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: yeah
Me: i have one more question
Victor: Great,
Me: does god hate homosexual people? because in a song he says he does. is that right?
Victor: No, that's not right at all. God loves all of his children, even if some of them disappoint him, or struggle with temptations like the rest of us.
Me: i see
Me: thanks for answering all my questions.
Me: have a nice day!
Victor: You're welcome Joshua, it was nice chatting with you.
Victor: You have a nice day too.
Victor: :D Bye
The chat session has ended.

This is an example image
haha. The Mormons even made "pokémon cards". I think they give this to children, so they can have sex with them. Do you think this card is better than the regular pokémon cards?
Let's see the card's description:
When not annoying people door to door on their outdated mountainbikes, they enjoy living like it's the 1850's and having sex with underage girls.

Hmmm, interesting. I believe faith isn't good, it's all invented for sex. Every day you can read or hear about missionaries and priests having sex with children! good job, God! You can fuck my chidren too if you think that's good! People, do we accept this?! Start thinking! We must protect our children!

Do you think Victor is pedophile as well? Please comment :)

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