donderdag 30 september 2010


Today I was reading some of my sister's magazines because I was bored to death. I learned something from those magazines:
If you would omit everything about Justin Bieber, magazines would only have one or two pages!
I don't really care about hysterical JB fans, but sometimes they are going too far.
Example: The cover of one of the magazines I read said: "Justin Bieber must come to The Netherlands!" (translated from Dutch). So I became "interested" and began to read:
Wenn is Justin Bieber coming to The Netherlands?! We are already waiting for years! You want him to come here too, right? (Ehh, no, not really...) Well, we have devised a plan to let him come! It's very easy: Collect as many signatures as possible! Ask your friends and family and maybe even that boy you like! To make things easier we have made a signature list for you. Cut out the list (you can find this on the next page) and start collecting! We love JB!

Okay, this is ri-di-cu-lous xD do you think this will work out? And if so, would Justin Bieber come to The Netherlands?
If God really exists, why has he created Justin Bieber?
If God really exists, why has he created Justin Bieber?

A kid from Germany made a plan to kill Justin Bieber:

Looks like he succeeded! :)

There are also lots of "stop hating justin bieber" vids :P
Here's a funny one:

He says we must stop hating JB, but he also says he hates "metal shit", lol. I believe he's gay...

Comment! (No, I don't like Justin Bieber)

dinsdag 28 september 2010

Another Mormon fail!

Today I found a nice story on the internet written by a Mormon. He calls himself a Mormon-pro. Here's a picture of the guy I'm talking about:
lol On your left you can see a Mormon-fag!

This is what he wrote:
Right here in "safe" Appleton, Wisconsin, I was victimized today by a bold gang who robbed me right on my doorstep. Beware, you could be next. I should have noticed the bright gang colors as they approached: blue and yellow shirts, baseball caps, with bright bandannas around their necks. There were two main perpetrators, relatively short white males, about 3 foot four, no visible scars or tattoos, and there was an accomplice nearby, an older white male who pulled the red getaway wagon. This dreaded local "Cub" gang held me at smilepoint until I agree to fork over $20 for a 1-pound bag of toffee popcorn. Thank goodness I didn't have a lot of cash with me, or it could have been much worse. I might be wolfing down two bags instead of just one.

Don't waste your time calling the police when these gangs come after you--turns out quite a few police have sons who are tied to these groups. Some even help them out during so-called "fundraising drives." The only thing you can do to protect yourself is to be prepared: remember, no matter what they say, don't look at those eyes and especially not at those smiles. It's kind of like a reverse Gorgon effect: one look and your stone cold heart will turn all soft on you and have you handing out your hard-earned money to fundraising gangsters. Be prepared!

This is one of the best stories I've ever heard! It's awesome!
Unfortunately he only had 20$ with him. I believe those robbers were sent by God. The Mormons had raped our children so he deserved it. The Mormons must be stopped! Protect your children! I hope our Mormon-pro get beaten up next time. Do you think Mormons go to Heaven?

Poll! Poll! Poll! Poll! Poll! Poll! Vote now!
What do you think about the situation?
It's good the Mormon got robbed!
Poor Mormon! Put those robbers in jail!
I like Pokemon :)
This poll is the dumbest poll I've ever seen!
Why didn't the gang kill him? :(
Mormons are gay! free polls

Daily Mormon trolling! (5)

This is day 5 of Daily Mormon trolling :)
I couldn't write yesterday, I'm sorry.
Last time I asked why the Mormon Book contains over 4000 changes, while the Mormons say their book is the most correct book on earth! Hmmm, strange...
Here's part 2 of the conversation, enjoy!

Me: well, I was wondering, if the Book of Mormon is the most correct of any book on earth, as Joseph Smith said, why does it contain over 4000 changes from the original 1830 edition? is there a special reason?
Heather: What makes you interested in the Book of Mormon?
Sloane: When you have "read"/listened to the Book of Mormon have you had a chance to also pray about it?
Me: well, some time ago i was a Christian, but I didn't believe many of their statements. then my friend told me about the mormons and by the time I got more interested.
Sloane: Ok, so did you ever have a chance to pray about the Book of Mormon?
Heather: That's great! And what did your friend share with you?
Me: yes, i had a chance to pray about it :)
Me: everything
Sloane: Great! What answer did you get to your prayer?
Me: well. to be honest. god told me to come here.
Heather: Why?
Me: i don't know. maybe beacause i was seeking answers?
Sloane: That is great!
Sloane: And we are so glad that you acted on that prompting!
Sloane: We would love to be able to provide you more answers and to share more about our faith with you!
Me: so do I :)

Lol. The Mormons ignored my question. They knew I was right but they didn't want to admit, hehe. Another Mormon fail!

More is coming soon!
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zaterdag 25 september 2010

Random Maple stuff :)

Yeah, it's true! The Big Bang is officially announced by Nexon. =D
Now they're doing gay about the name of this "major patch", sigh... Just call it Big Bang!

I was already prepared for this patch 3 months ago: i bought more than 800 gun and crossbow scrolls =D why i didn't buy any wand/staff scrolls? 3 words: i hate magicians! I bought many nicely scrolled guns and xbows, but then... the potential system showed up: i wasted all my money :( How well are you prepared for the Big Bang? Have you already decided which job you are going to play?

I hacked the maple database and found this:

alternative text
Yay, new skills. And finally some USEFUL skills instead of all the crap nexon created the past 5 years.

Maplestory The Movie! Yes, it really exists!
Warning: You are about to waste 31 minutes and 13 seconds of your life. You have 2 options:
1. You hate your life and watch this.
2. Enjoy >> this <<

Here is the most faggy movie ever:

More faggy stuff:

Haha, a MMV with Taylor Swift xD it can't be better =D

Hahahahahahahahahaha, I can't stop laughing. Look at his name, haha. It's definitely the best IGN ever! He also got defamed for being (...)! This is a little racist but it's fun either!

I was googling on mapleeurope and found this:
alternative text
Another Nexon fail, but this time Nexon is honest: Always skip this page. Thanks for the good advise! :)

I just found out Nexon made 517 million $ in 2009! lol, did you know that?

This is also a nice statement:
One thousand NX is one U.S. dollar, meaning you are wasting five dollars just to change the color of your eyes, which are actually made up of 3 pixels.
The guy who said this is right. We ARE wasting almost 2$ per pixel! Isn't that incredibly much?!

Yay, another new skill. And this one is overpowered :O
alternative text

I found a better version of Maplestory The Movie. It gives us a clear view of how Maple addicts live, enjoy!

Look! Another Maple fag!

Did you know he made a hole in the yeti so he could put his penis in it? Seriously, he's gay and he's from The Netherlands :o I'm from The Netherlands as well (I feel ashamed), but I would never play EMS. EMS is full of noobs begging for mesos and ehh... well... GMS is better!

Another faggy thing about maplestory are the huge amounts of meaningless forums where people are asking things like: "what was the last monster you killed today?" or a more common one: "i got hacked, i hate my life, i hate maplestory and i hate hackers! I'm Quitting!". ehh, who cares! Seriously!

Maplestory has a pretty high fag-factor, as you can see. But there are cool Maplestory players as well. How to be cool? There's a simple answer: don't try to be cool! So, don't make crappy vids, please :)

alternative text

Please comment! (More is (probably) coming soon!)

alternative text

vrijdag 24 september 2010

Daily Mormon trolling! (4)

It's day 4 already of my Mormon trolling.
Today there was multi-chat :P i was speaking to 2 Mormons at the same time =D isn't that great?!
Here's the chat:

Heather: Hello Logan! Our names our Heather and Sloane. We are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. How are you today?
Agent [Sloane] has joined the chat.
Sloane: What brings you to
Me: i have a few questions :)
Sloane: Great! How can we help you?
Me: My last church had over 15000 members. Does yours have over 15000 members?
Heather: Wow! That is great! What church did you belong to?
Sloane: We have over 14 million members all over the world!
Me: wow. that sounds amazing. i have another question though:
Me: My friend told me, that if i Join the church i can get a free copy of your Bible thing?
Heather: In fact, you don't even need to join the church to do that!
Heather: Have you ever read the bible before then?
Heather: Or are you referring to the Book of Mormon?
Me: well, i was illiterate, so i bought a audiobook :P
Sloane: Oh, did you listen to the Book of Mormon on audio book then?
Me: yeah. my friend told me about it :) that was a relief, because i really wanted to read/hear it.
Sloane: Oh great! Did you LOVE it?
Me: yeah. it was great :) i'm now "reading" it for the second time.
Heather: So what makes you interested in learning more about our church?
Heather: Did you like what you read in the Book of Mormon?
Me: yeah. i like it. but i have one question about it.
Sloane: Ok, what?
Me: well, I was wondering, if the Book of Mormon is the most correct of any book on earth, as Joseph Smith said, why does it contain over 4000 changes from the original 1830 edition? is there a special reason?

As you can see, I asked why the Mormon book has more than 4000 changes. Haha, the Mormons fail, again... What do you think they're gonna answer? More of this chat session is coming tomorrow!

While surfing on the internet, I found this:

Sigh, now the Mormons are trying to attract our children's attention by making "cool" music. Don't forget they only want sex, hehe.
Between the 4th and 6th you see that guy stretching his left arm 3 times. Now let's take a look at this:
alternative text

For the people who don't know who or what these strange guys are: they are members of the Ku Klux Klan. They are stretching their left arm (Nazis use their right hand). This is how they greet each other... Maybe Mormons are KKK members?

So, what do you think? Comment!

donderdag 23 september 2010

Daily Mormon trolling! (3)

This is day three of Mormon trolling
Yesterday I ended with:
Me: that brings me to another question: why did 3000 people die on 9/11? did God want that to happen?
Today you can see part 2! Enjoy!

Me: that brings me to another question: why did 3000 people die on 9/11? did God want that to happen?
Victor: It's part of God's plan that everyone has freedom to make their own choices, which includes those choices that will cause suffering for others.
Victor: The freedom to choose, as frightening as the might be in some times, is a huge blessing for us in the long run after this life, because it gives us the ability to learn, and become like our Father in heaven.
Victor: This also gives God the chance to reward the men and women who responded for their bravery, and good response, while condemning those that caused 3,000 people to return to God early.
Me: i see. thanks for answering and about the quran burning (because of 9/11): do you think it would be ok if i would do such things?
Victor: No, I feel that doing that would be terribly disrespectful to the millions of very loving muslims, who had nothing to do with that attack.
Me: i agree :)
Victor: Thanks, there's way too many people out there who see this as too black and white, and entirely miss what that would do to very good people out there.
Victor: I've got to go in about five minutes, but is there anything else I can help you with?
Me: yeah
Me: i have one more question
Victor: Great,
Me: does god hate homosexual people? because in a song he says he does. is that right?
Victor: No, that's not right at all. God loves all of his children, even if some of them disappoint him, or struggle with temptations like the rest of us.
Me: i see
Me: thanks for answering all my questions.
Me: have a nice day!
Victor: You're welcome Joshua, it was nice chatting with you.
Victor: You have a nice day too.
Victor: :D Bye
The chat session has ended.

This is an example image
haha. The Mormons even made "pokémon cards". I think they give this to children, so they can have sex with them. Do you think this card is better than the regular pokémon cards?
Let's see the card's description:
When not annoying people door to door on their outdated mountainbikes, they enjoy living like it's the 1850's and having sex with underage girls.

Hmmm, interesting. I believe faith isn't good, it's all invented for sex. Every day you can read or hear about missionaries and priests having sex with children! good job, God! You can fuck my chidren too if you think that's good! People, do we accept this?! Start thinking! We must protect our children!

Do you think Victor is pedophile as well? Please comment :)

woensdag 22 september 2010

Daily Mormon trolling! (2)

Hello again!
This is day 2 of my daily Mormon trolling.
Today i asked if I could fly, haha.
Here is part 1 of the chat (part 2 is coming tomorrow):
Enjoy ;)

Me: hello
Victor: Hi there Josua,
Victor: Welcome to
Victor: How are you?
Me: i'm fine, thanks for asking :)
Victor: You're welcome. I'm glad you're doing okay.
Victor: What brings you to
Me: i have a few questions for you
Victor: How may I help?
Me: why can't i fly, while jesus can?
Victor: Because for now, you need to learn to deal with mortal limitations, which is a lesson that Jesus already learned.
Victor: May I ask what interests you in that question?
Me: well, i am a pilot, to be honest.
Victor: Cool, seems like you've learned to make the best of one of those limitations, and find a way to meet the sky when you can't fly on your own.
Me: that brings me to another question: why did 3000 people die on 9/11? did God want that to happen?

haha, great, isn't it?
What do you think Victor answered? Please comment!
If you don't have a clue, tomorrow you can see the answer in part 2 :)