dinsdag 21 september 2010

First Maplestory account give-away!

Hello guys!

I will post at least one time per week some Maplestory accounts! the more popular it will become , the more accounts I will give away!
Feel free to drop its items/hack it/change password!
Here are the first two accounts:

World: Windia
Main character: lvl 65 brawler
ID: Roy_100
password: sora54
PIC: 111111

World: Khaini
Main character: lvl 126 bishop
ID: Xxshadow713
password: ragnorock
PIC: 111111

You guys should have noticed that the big bang is coming to GMS! That means 2 new jobs: Wild Hunter and Battle Mage (mechanic job is probably coming later).
Personally I'll go for the Wild Hunter, because it has flashing skills, I hate mage jobs and it can fight while mounted, isn't that awesome?!
If the update will be exactly the same as the korean one (except for language of course, haha!) there will also be other changes like new formulas, monster and job balancing (again), UI skin, new skills and the EXP curve. Some people like the EXP curve and some people don't. It would be great to reach lvl 120 without much effort, but too much high lvl characters wouldn't be fun either.

Here's the korean trailer of Big Bang:

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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